The library Catalogue

The online catalogue of "Mihai Eminescu" Central University Library offers free access to our own collections. The bibliographic description of the publications in the computerized system began in 1995, by using the Vubis software. Beginning with 1999 CUL uses the Aleph integrated system. In time, there had been developed a data base containing only the bibliographic descriptions of the recent entries. In order to meet the informative needs of the users and to be able to access the catalogue from a distance, in 2008, through an ambitious project, there had been scanned all the files of the traditional paper catalogues, both in the headquarters and in the branch libraries and they had been introduced in the integrated system. The result was a general online (Catalog BCU/CUL Catalogue) gathering all the book, periodicals and special collections funds in CUL.

The general catalogue of CUL (after 1995) – This data base contains the bibliographic descriptions of the current entries (books, periodicals, special collections, Standards, etc.) beginning with 1995, both in the headquarters and in the branch libraries.

The traditional catalogue – digitized files (before 1995) – This data base was the result of the scanning process of the traditional paper catalogue files in the headquarters and in the branch libraries. Both bibliographic data bases gather catalogues for books, periodicals (news-papers, journals, almanacs, calendars), special collections (Romanian and foreign old books, printed music, albums, audio and video materials, electronic resources, non-book materials).

The authorities files – This data base begun in 2004 contains authority records for personal and collectivity names, titles and subjects.

România data base – Contains bibliographic descriptions of the articles in the Romanian periodicals in the social and humanistic sciences field.

In order to interrogate the online catalogue, the users pay use the Catalog BCU MEBFIND/CUL MEBFIND catalogue, interface, a free access product allowing some simultaneous searches in all the data bases.