Mission. Vision. Values


The Central University Library “Mihai Eminescu” is an institution of national importance, with the mission to encourage knowledge, cooperation and creativity, by ensuring access to scientific, educational and cultural resources. The beneficiaries of these resources are: the local university community, the members of the Romanian academic circles and numerous users from other parts of the world. In our network of libraries tradition meets the future.


The oldest university library in Moldova is one of the largest public libraries in Romania. Collaboration with authorities, institutions and organizations in such fields as education, research and culture, provides the Central University Library “Mihai Eminescu” a significant part in the regional public life. In harmony with the noble heritage created by the personalities who contributed to the development of the great library in Iasi, the architecture of our collections and services reveals the responsibility we have towards the generations of tomorrow. Devoted readers discover that the informational treasure held in the Central University Library in Iasi enriches the national cultural heritage.


  • Opening
    • We promote freedom and fairness of access to good quality information
    • We cooperate with national and international partners to increase the value of the resources and services available to our users
    • We stimulate the ability to learn how to learn, using a complex system of printed and electronic resources
  • Innovation
    • We build collections of resources for the new generations of patrons
    • We use modern technologies to provide our patrons with optimal tools for easy and quick access to information
    • We work with some of the world’s largest libraries in order to develop a robust research and documentation infrastructure
  • Professionalism
    • We promote a climate of trust, oriented towards the improvement of the existing services and resources
    • We introduce new services and applications, appropriate to users requests
    • We respect the professional development of librarians, as well as the readers’ requirements