The general collections

A national interest encyclopaedic profile library, similar to the other Romanian Central University Libraries, "M. Eminescu" Central University Library (CUL) Iaşi hoards more than 2,500,000 volumes, both in the headquarters and in the 13 branch libraries, representing collections of books, periodicals (magazines, news-papers, calendars, almanacs), standards, preprints, posters, etc.

The book fund has a great documentary (historical, cultural and scientific) build up in time, especially by donations and international book exchange.  In the same time, it is noticeable the old periodicals collection including also the first issues of the kind in Moldova. Benefitting from the Legal Deposit Law, CUL is the preserver of the cultural memory, continuously increasing its funds. An important component of Iaşi university life, "Mihai Eminescu" CUL is closely integrated into the European structures as a real information supplier and mediator.